Cannabis consumption methodologies have branched far into the realm of technological advancement in recent years. And if you’re into the one-hit-wonder world better known as ‘dabbing’, well, the world is now your oyster of extraction options. Along the lines of the aforementioned advancements, opportunities to ditch your torch are some of the most enticing. On […]

A few weeks ago, Derek Peterson got a letter from Mutual of Omaha, turning him down for life insurance. “Our decision was based on,” the letter said, then trailed off (Monty Python-style) and picked up in all caps:  WE HAVE DISCONTINUED THE PROCESSING OF YOUR APPLICATION FOR INSURANCE DUE TO COMPANY POLICY. WE CANNOT ACCEPT […]

A leading architect of the state’s medical marijuana program urged representatives of the fledgling industry Wednesday to pressure health care providers and hospital administrators to remove obstacles to making the drug available to patients. Del. Dan K. Morhaim, the longest-serving physician in the General Assembly, told about 200 people at the first statewide conference of […]

The Plug The Vapor Slide is a small vaporizer pen that’s pushing the envelope of the vaping world. Along with functioning as a regular vape pen, it’s also been designed to slide into your favorite water pipe. That gives you the ability to bring together the benefits of vaping with the benefits of smoking a bong. The […]

The next generation of high-end tabletop vaporizers has arrived and you may never go back to your glass again. The unit is housed in a compact futuristic egg shape body, which lifts like a clamshell to reveal a series of small tools. A grinder card, cleaning brush, concentrate pad, cleaning formula, and a removable stash […]